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kids and doing what you know best and somebody pulls a rug under you without warning. >> i'm terrified, enough to make me want to quit doing this job. >> reporter: for now he'll give his students and passion another year. nbc news, broward county, florida. tough story to watch on the first day of school. >> exactly. we owe a lot to our teachers. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. say good-bye to summer, with labor day over, tens of thousands of kids in our area are preparing to go back to school this morning. >> for the rest of you, it could be a terrible tuesday, how some anticipated traffic tieups could make for a rougher than usual morning commute. that's saying a lot here in the d.c. area. good morning, i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs.
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>> welcome to "news 4 today." do you hear the hearts breaking? >> angry kids getting up now. >> it's a beautiful morning and in all fairness there are kids really excited about heading back to school, right, tom? getting back to socializing again. >> about seven kids. >> get the thumbs working for texting, you know. got to get back into the groove. no travel problems with the weather but we are anticipating a lot of heavy traffic, thankful hi, we have dry pavement around the region and you shouldn't have any difficulties on this tuesday morning. 70 in washington and 60s in the suburbs and near the bay it's near 70. weather watchers checking in from the northern neck of virginia. eastern shore near 60. out in the mountains near 50 this morning. large area of high pressure holding forth giving us another dry day with plenty of sunshine
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and should be a bit hotter too. afternoon highs in the upper 80s. more of the same tomorrow. a front coming through midday with clouds and giving us a small chance of a shower and blustery wind. we'll cool down thursday and friday. highs 70s with sunshine. ashley, how's the traffic now? >> good morning, jumping into virginia, taking a look at 66 in the eastbound direction, this is the pace past route 50 all the way to the beltway. you're in the clear. through falls church heading through arlington, clean bill of health as well. all is quiet through college park making the trip towards the silver spring area. lanes are open and 95 also getting off -- volume is on the increase at this early hour but still at the posted speed limit for the remainder of your troop 395 and into the freeway. back to you. summer vacation is finally over this morning for hundreds of thousands of children in our
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area students in several counties go back to school and megan mcgrath is live. >> reporter: a number of jurisdictions went back to school, today it's fairfax county's turn. the kids are heading back to class a couple of hours from now. this year though, fairfax county bill have to do more with less. enrollment is up but funding is down. there are also new fees kicking in this year. students will have to pay $100 activity fee for each sport they play. also, there's a $75 fee for each ap or ib test that they take. now the worst of the cuts were avoided. there were a number of electives slated for elimination that have been spared. that's good news for the students who take those classes. there's also a lot of excitement about the return to school
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today. we don't want to forget about all of that. a lot of teachers anxious to get back in the classrooms, a lot of students ready to see their friends. there are 175,000 kids in the fairfax county school system making it the largest in virginia, one of the largest in the country. again, we're going to be seeing quite a bit of activity at this school. in a couple of hours the kids will be heading back to class. we'll see the superintendent in about an hour and a half or so and he's going to give us an update on what this year holds. more in a half hour. back to you. megan, thank you. folks, be prepared for gridlock as nearly everyone heads back to work and school. every year the return to work and school after labor day marks one of the worst commutes in the d.c. area. aaa says more than 1.5 million drivers will be on the roads this morning making it terrible traffic tuesday.
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tracee wilkins is live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. terrible traffic tuesday and tracee is going to tell you about it. it happens every year. folks need to be careful and prepare for gridlock. that's the bottom line. government workers and school buses and students will converge onto the area roads and that's going to make for quite a mess. according to aaa atlantic, there are 3 million workers in the d.c. area and half drive in cars by themselves skipping the car pools all together. we have construction around the area, here are some areas you may want to avoid if you can. >> railroad crossings, construction is going on all of them except one. i-95 south, 300,000 cars. greenbelt, which is the most congested part of the beltway. >> reporter: 25% of area workers have started telecommuting or
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teleworking, taken 200,000 cars off the roads. that's always an improvement. car pooling also a way to help out. in the meantime, if you're driving, aaa is suggesting you give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes. they are thinking that's how much time can be added on to your commute this morning. back to you in the studio, craig. >> thank you, appreciate that. rough going on the roads and tracks as well. trains will be moving along the red line this morning but expect delays. metro says the trains will travel at reduced speeds between the forest glen and takoma metro rail stations. five people are recovering from shootings on consecutive nights within a block of northeast washington. a teenager and an adult were shot in a drive by on plain street last night. two teenage girls and adult were shot around the corner at the clay terrace apartments sunday night.
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it's not clear in the shootings are connected. we're following a developing story, a fast-moving fire forced more than 1,000 people in colorado to evacuate their homes. some homeowners lost everything in the fire. strong gusty winds fan the flames northwest of boulder yesterday. about 100 firefighters had been working to put that fire out. at this point, no injuries have been reported. the cause remains under investigation. time now is 5:07. still ahead, a massive barn fire here leads to heartbreak in charles town. >> you've got to get out. >> everybody out. >> got to get out! the roof is on fire. >> how witnesses were able to step in and save some horses before it got worse. who's dealing with tropical storm hermine and where it is expected to go next? [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring
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5:10, 68 degrees. the jefferson in the background, a great morning weatherwise but some kids may disagree. the parents -- >> they are rejoicing, trust me. >> what's the good word? >> shouldn't have any travel problems as we get back to work and school on this wednesday. thank you for joining us. at this hour we have a clear
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sky. 70 in washington and 60s in prince george's. parts of loudoun and frederick county in maryland and frederick county virginia in the low 60s. 50s panhandle west virginia. mountains just near 50. afternoon highs should climb into the 80s except the mountains it will be in the 70s. lots of sunshine and blue sky and low humidity. tomorrow we'll have a front coming through with clouds and might give us a passing shower. after that we'll have a blustery wind gusting to 25 miles an hour. thursday and friday sunshine back both days. we'll have it cooler in the mornings in the 50s but afternoon highs should be mez ant. a look at the weekend at 5:21. how is it holooking ashley? >> no complaints from the travel department. we are starting to see volume in
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the typical parts where we see rush hour delays. things are starting to con jest up through lorton through springfield. you're doing the speed limit. as you continue towards 395, no problems. to and across the 14th to the freeway, you're in good spirits. 270, no problems here at montgomery village, the headlights continuing southbound, you do have a little volume from 109 to the truck scales and that will add a little time to the commute. lanes are open, no major accidents, beltways all clear. we're in good shape this early morning. back to you. 5:12 is your time. ahead on "news 4 today." a new round of stimulus spending, but will another $50 billion for jobs really help? >> that infamous jetblue flight attendant who caused quite the scene last month is in court this morning. and an unusual sight out
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a time for this morning's top stories, it's back to school day for thousands of kids in the area. it means new fees for some parents because of budget constraints, you'll have to pay $100 per sport activity fee and $70 for ap and ib tests. >> the return to work and school marks one of the worst kmuts in the d.c. area. more than 1.5 million drivers will be on the roads making it terrible traffic tuesday. give yourself extra time. a teenager and adult are recovering after being shot in a drive-by shooting on blain street in northeast. everyone is expected to survive. >> president obama is pushing a new plan that he hopes can help
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the economy. a new $50 billion stimulus package is designed to improve infrastructure and improve jobs. some call it unnecessary spending and a last-ditch effort to improve democrats' chances in the election center. kimberly suiters joins us with new poll numbers out. >> good morning. labor day marks the unofficial end of summer and the very official start of campaigns across the country. according to this new nbc/wall street journal poll it is hostile to democrats. first, the top democrat, nearly 50% approve of the job president obama is doing according to this poll. 65% describe the country as being in a state of decline. 61% say the country is headed in the wrong direction. something interesting and it may be hopeful for democrats, the party is viewed positively by 36% of those survived, higher than the 30% that have a positive view of republicans. of those most likely to vote and
5:17 am
have a high interest in this year's elections, those surveyed prefer republican congress by a split of 53%, 35%. you heard the expression by james carville, it's the economy, stupid. in this poll, 56% of americans disapprove of the president's handling of the economy. >> it is not going to improve before the election. there's nothing barack obama can do about that. >> one democratic poll said we know there's a hurricane coming for the democrat, we haven't determined whether it's a category 3 or 5. storms can always change course, they don't impact every part of the country the same. this poll seems to indicate a very difficult november for democrats. eun, back to you. >> kimberly, thank you. >> back here to local politics to the race for d.c. mayor. the democratic primary is a week away and the candidates are out in full force. vincent gray has a lead over
5:18 am
adrian fenty in every poll. he spent labor day encouraging voters to vote early and fenty did the same after enlisting the help of my shell rea. thomas was one of the little rock nine, the students who integrated an all-white high school in 1957. president obama says the country owes tom ago a debt of grad constitute for the stand he took and the leadership in the decades that followed. fire officials want to know what or who sparked a barn fire in west virginia that killed 25 horses. it happened about an hour from here. flames destroyed three stables not far from hollywood casino.
5:19 am
jackie bensen talked to a man and woman who raced to help and cat toured the fire on a cell phone camera. >> this roof is on fire. you need to move. >> reporter: steve and ann were heading home from charles town, west virginia and they saw it zbh rig zbh. >> right away, the horse born was on fire. >> reporter: one barn was in flames and threatening a third. amber is a lifelong rider and horse lover. >> we're with unfamiliar horses scared to death with no lighting, not enough equipment. >> reporter: it was 4:00 a.m. and so dark rescuers used cell phones to see inside the third barn which was filling up with smoke. >> this whole thing is going to flash. we need to get out of here. >> come here. come here. >> reporter: when the flames were finally extinguished,
5:20 am
firefighters announced the terrible call, two dozen race horses lost their lives. >> when we aride, we had fire blowing 30 to 40 feet out of the roof of the barns. >> they are all out. >> reporter: but thanks to the work of rescuers nearly as many were saved. in daylight the horses were brought into a nearby coral, still nervous but alive. >> they seemed to know that they were being helped. even though they were scared to death, they knew they wanted out. >> reporter: jackie bensen, quts news 4 today. fire investigators put damage to the barn at nearly a million dollars. tropical storm hermine is battering south texas. it came ashore last night packing 65-mile-per-hour winds. it could bring as much as a foot of rain to some areas still recovering from hurricane alex in june. a tropical storm warning is
5:21 am
still in effect for parts of mexico. back here, lots of folks concerned about what it's going to look like on the first day of school and the return to work as well. >> a beautiful start to the day. >> we have another dry day underway. we can use rain here and the next chance not until the weekend. off to a clear start and it's cool again this morning. 60s throughout most of the region. near 50 in the mountains and it will climb into the 80s throughout most of the region. low humidity in place and lots of sunshine and tomorrow partly cloudy and a front coming through midday. a slight chance of a shower. after that front goes by, we'll have a blustery northwest wind gusting to 25 miles an hour and turning cooler for thursday and friday. afternoon highs into the upper 70s with sunshine both days. over the weekend, there will be another front approaching on saturday but saturday will be dry, highs near 80. and then saturday night through
5:22 am
sunday midday, it looks like we could get passing showers and highs near 80. monday back to work and school. we'll be sunny and highs in the low 80s. ashley, good morning. how's our tuesday traffic now? >> we've got good news, red line reopened. it was shut down yesterday due to the federal holiday. but red line is doing just fine right now. vre, no problems to report and marc trains are running on time. if you travel down 270. here's the pace, 95 first and foremost, we do have volume concerns. it is threatening to stack up through woodbridge into lorton, but no major accidents to report and continuing towards the beltway, the pace lightens up through newington and 395. 395 no problems, 95 here, volume is on the increase. center of the screen is hov and they are wide open right now. 5:23.
5:23 am
uproar over an adult theme store, how some upset neighbors plan to fight back. money can't buy you happiness, guess what? apparently i
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a dramatic and dangerous climb in downtown san francisco
5:26 am
ended with a climber arrested. he used suction cups to make his way up the millennium tower in san fran. he hung an american flag. the patriotism did not impress police, they quickly arrested him. it's not clear what if any message was behind the climb. a former jetblue flight attendant who made a notorious exit is expected to be in court today where he is charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. he argued with passengers before grabbing two beers and jumping from the plane on its emergency chute. now everyone is talking about it. consider this before you ask your boss for big fat raise. think your bigger paycheck will make you happy? it will to a certain point, at
5:27 am
least. that's what researchers at princeton are saying. the new study claims happiness increases with people's income, up to about $75,000 a year. after that, your salary can create a sense of achievement, but not any more happiness. that's very interesting. >> i mean, they double my salary, i think i would be happy though. >> you're pretty happy now. >> i am happy. i do believe you need more than money for happiness but it certainly helps. >> as i said before, how many really happy poor people do you know? >> not many. >> still ahead, the unofficial end of summer. kids across the area are preparing to wake up for the first day of school. plus a shocking admission, joran van der sloot admits to taking money from natalee
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back to business, boys and girls. summer is officially over for kids across the d.c. area as they prepare to get back to the classroom. >> today's commute could be much worse than normal. good morning i'm eun yang. >> i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. this is "news 4 today." how about it? 68 degrees, 5:31. we see a lot more cars on the road this time today than this time yesterday. >> oh, yeah and it's going to get busier. it's a lovely morning to be out and about. >> can't blame the weather for me backups. dry pavement all around the region. you shouldn't have any problems weatherwise getting back to work and school on this tuesday morning. as we look around our region under this clear sky, generally in the 50s in the shenandoah
5:32 am
valley. near 70 in washington and near the waters. in the mountains, cooler, west virginia, many locations there near 50. we have high pressure in place going to give us another beautiful day with a blue sky and bright sparkling sunshine. highs a bit hotter into the upper 80s, but not much humidity. a blustery afternoon wind and highs in the upper 80s. midday clouds may give us a sprinkle. thursday and friday. 270, 109 down to the truck scales, it's not bad but getting slow and it's 5:30. safe to say it's going to be a fun one this early monday. beyond the truck scales the pace does improve. elsewhere out of virginia 95 will pick up company out of woodbridge. hov lanes are open and are a
5:33 am
good option for drivers on the beltway. no problems on the beltway. lanes are open and at speed. >> thanks, appreciate that. this is one of perhaps the most depressing mornings of the year for thousands of area students because they had back to school today. this morning the first day of classes for students in fairfax, loudoun, warren and students in alexandria also going back to school today. megan mcgrath is live in vienna where many fair familiar fax county parents have to make adjustments. >> reporter: there are new things kicking in this year and money crunch taking place in this county as well as in other school jurisdictions all around the area. people will have to do more with less. but, again, today is the day fairfax county students return to school. we're here at james madison high school. in just a couple of hours, this place will be alive with
5:34 am
activity as the kids return to class. now the school system is going to have to do more with less. enrollment is up by several,000 students and funding is down by $34 million compared to last year. there are new fees kicking in. students will have to pay a $100 activity fee for each sport played. a $75 fee for each ap or ib test taken. the worst of the cuts were avoided. there are a number of electives slated for elimination, those classes have been spared. that's good news about those classes. many students are anxious to see their friends and it all takes place just a few hours from now as the kids return to class here this morning. we are expecting to see the school superintendent here in the next half hour, 45 minutes or so. he's going to give us an update
5:35 am
on how things stand and what students and parents can expect. back to you. >> megan, thank you. plan to spend extra time on the road for terrible traffic tuesday. each year the return to work after school and labor day marks one of worst commutes in the d.c. area, aaa says more than 1.5 million drivers will be on the roads. the busiest part will be near the greenbelt exit in prince george's county maryland, you'll find the longest delays along the eight-mile stretch to the 270 spur. travel experts say plan ahead and use mass transit if you can. trains will move on the red line but expect delays, they'll travel at reduced speeds at the forest glen and takoma stations. tonight manassas residents will have a chance to offer their opinions of a adult theme store moving into town.
5:36 am
local delegate jackson miller will hold a town meeting to talk about kk's temptations. community leaders will say it will make the area less family friendly. the owner says her business will be classy and upscale and discreet. the town hall starts at 7:00 in the manassas city hall on center street. a debate over holiday displays is expected to draw a crowd to virginia tonight. loudoun county board of supervisors recommends banning nativity scenes. tonight's public hearing starts at the county government center in southeast of leesburg. the board is expected to vote tomorrow. helgt officials will have flu shots available as early as next week. starting tuesday, september 14th, people in west virginia and virginia can get a
5:37 am
vaccination, a record of 160 million doses will be available nationwide this year. the new vaccine includes a strain of the h1n1 known as swine flu. this way people will need to get one vaccination instead of two separate doses. we continue to follow a developing story on this tuesday morning, a fast-moving wildfire has forced more than a thousand people to evacuate their homes in boulder city, colorado. some homeowners lost everything in the fire. strong gusty winds fanned the flames northwest of boulder. 100 firefighters have been working to put that thing out. so far no injuries have been reported. at this point the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. again, a fire there in boulder, colorado. right now 5:37. still ahead, only one week left before the d.c. mayoral primary, how the candidates are taking advantage of the final campaign days. are you getting behind the wheel? why today's commute could be worse than normal.
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good morning, it's time for weather and traffic on the ones. i'm tom kierein. we have a clear sky. no travel problems weatherwise, getting back to work and school. 70 in washington and near the bay. elsewhere generally in the 60s, many locations around the blue
5:41 am
ridge shenandoah valley in the 60s. highs today with bright sun, upper 80s by mid afternoon. tomorrow partly cloudy and chance of a midday shower and blustery winds. after that we'll have cooler dry weather for thursday and friday. a look at the weekend and latest on hermine in ten minutes. how's the traffic? >> good morning, yes, traffic is going to be bad today. but if you were thinking about taking mass transit, the red line reopened and vre no problems and mark train is functioning on time. as you travel down 270, it is getting congested. 109 to the truck scales the lineup. around the capitol beltway, lanes are open and here's the space past colesville, the brake lights are heading towards college park. along 95 as you can see here, pace out of newington not that bad. prior to this, you do have volume. woodbridge towards the lorton area. it turns around and unwinds a
5:42 am
little bit prior to your approach to the beltway. 395, no big delays as of yesterday. starting to see volume but nothing too substantial as of right now. >> ashley, thanks. 5:42 is your time, still to come, get ready for terrible tuesday. why your drive to work could take a lot longer today. tom just mentioned tropical storm hermine. it is already catching some people in texas off guard. a nail biter, the maryland/navy game goes down to
5:43 am
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time for a quick check on this morning's stories, hundreds thousands of kids in our area head back to school this morning in fairfax county the new school year means new fees for some
5:45 am
parents because of budget constraints many you'll have to pay $100 per sport activity fee and $75 for ap and ib tests. a teenager and adult are recovered after being shot in a drive by on blain street in northeast washington. everyone is expected to survive. now to the race for d.c. mayor, democratic primary one week ago and candidates are out in full force. vincent gray has a lead over adrian fenty in just about every poll. he spent his labor day encouraging supporters to vote early, mayor fenty did the same thing as well. be prepared for a messy commute. nearly everyone heads back to work and school today. each year the return to work and school after labor day marks one of the worst commutes this is call terrible traffic tuesday. tracee wilkins is live in college park overlooking 95. you'll be joined by a lot of cars soon, tracee. >> reporter: absolutely.
5:46 am
folks are beginning to head out and make their kmuts, but we are expecting it to get very packed not only on 95 but all over the d.c. area. the hope is that folks just prepare for gridlock. there's nothing else you can do. allow yourself extra time. students all will be on the roads at the same time together. this always follows labor day. according to aaa there are 3 million workers and half of them skip car pools and drive by themself. there are areas you may want to avoid. >> river crossings, construction is going on all of them except one, i-95 south, 300,000 cars. greenbelt, which is the most congested part of the beltway. >> reporter: how to avoid all of this? this may be the year that you want to consider telecomputing
5:47 am
or teleworking so car pooling, these are ways to get out of the traffic. 25% of the workers have done that and it's been a very big help. another important reminder, watch out for kids heading back to school. make sure you remember they are at the bus stop and on the roads and they are not paying as much attention as you should. tracee wilkins live in college park. back to you in the studio. fire officials are trying to figure out what caused a tragic fire in west virginia. flames tore through two charlestown barns and killed more than two dozen race horses. this cell phone video shows the sheer intensity of the fire. they were heading home about 4:00 and saw flames that engulfed one barn and spread to a second and then threatened a third. they ran to the dark third stable to rescue panicked horses trapped inside. >> i recall him yelling into the barn, you need to get out, the
5:48 am
fire, the fire. as i glanced up i could see it cresting over the top part of the barn. we didn't have enough time so we literally opened barn doors and shuffled them out. firefighters worked for hours to put out hot spots. they estimate the fire did more than a million dharz of damage to the barns. the democratic primary is one week away and the candidates are out in full force. council chairman vincent gray has a lead over fenty in the polls. great spent in labor day encouraging supporters to vote early. mayor fenty did the same. early voting started a week ago. about 9,000 people voted in the first week. president obama says his new plan to spend billions to improve trains and railways can help the economy. some lawmakers are not
5:49 am
convinced. tracie potts with more on the debate from capitol hill. >> reporter: the white house says it's not a stimulus, but the idea is similar, $50 billion for infrastructure, fixing 150,000 miles of road and 150 miles of runways and building a new air traffic control system. >> anybody want more delays in airports? i didn't think so. >> reporter: president obama says it will create jobs and won't cost a dime of borrowed money. >> this is a plan that will be fully paid for. it will not add to the deficit over time. >> reporter: republicans attack saying americans are skeptical about more spending and mitch mcconnell says they are still looking for the shovel-red jobs promised more than a year ago. all of in as democrats are headed into attack going into the elections. republicans pick the first target. >> jo donnelly wants us to
5:50 am
believe he's independent. >> reporter: ads and promises will only go so far. this election they are looking at one thing results. >> the economy won't improve before the election. there's nothing barack obama can do about that. >> reporter: in fact, the infrastructure projects aren't expected to generate any jobs until next year. tracie potts, nbc news. washington. the man suspected in the disappearance of natalee holloway admitted to a dutch newspaper that he extorted money from holloway's parents. joran van der sloot told the telegraph he did it to get at holloway's family, saying her parents have made his life difficult. holloway's family paid $10,000 to learn the location of her body. van der sloot is accused of taking the money and traveling to south america. he is currently in jail in peru facing murder charges in the death of a young woman. now to efforts after the gulf oil disaster. investigators are looking for answers about how the blowout
5:51 am
preventer failed. crews raised the 1 million pound, five-story massive metal from the ocean floor. investigators say it was supposed to stop a giant sushlg of oil and gas from causing an explosion. industry veterans say the devices inside the blowout preventer called rams should have sealed the well. >> the first thing i would look for if i was investigating this was the system failure in the hydraulic control system. >> he expects investigator will focus on alterations that moved the rams he just mentioned. the blow jut preventer will head to a nasa facility to be tested. tropical storm hermine is battering south texas. it came ashore late last night in northeast mexico packing 65-mile-per-hour winds. it could bring as much as a foot of rain to some areas still recovering from hurricane alex in june. a tropical storm warning is still in effect for parts of
5:52 am
mexico. texas is being hit hard this morning, tom. >> they are get ag lot of heavy rain. they do need rain. it's been parched but they don't want to get two months in rain in one day. that's unfortunately what's going to be happening there. not here. we've got another dry morning, the school bus drivers are happy about that. it will be challenging enough looking at new routes and things like that. we've got dry pavement and there's a clear sky over theover son memorial. reagan national is at 70 degrees. we have a light southerly breeze now going to heat things up, but not too humid. temperatures right now in fairfax county back to school there this morning it's in the mid-60s in most locations. and a few locations farther to the west have dipped down to 60 in loudoun county and prince william and around the blue ridge, many locations in the 50s. only 50 in the western maryland,
5:53 am
west virginia. large area of high pressure coming over us now, going to give us another day with lots of sunshine. here's the latest on tropical storm hermine. it is spreading a lot of rain into south texas. they could get a foot of rain there later today. the latest statistics for hermine, right now the winds are 50 miles per hour. as it moves inland it goes through west texas, western oklahoma. by then it will be a tropical depression. for us here, we'll have lots of sunshine with temperatures in the 80s and overnight tonight, clear through the evening, a few clouds around tomorrow morning in the 60s and sunny again tomorrow morning but clouds building midday as the front comes through, small chance of a shower and blustery wind tomorrow. cooler weather for thursday and friday. sunshine back into the 70s. saturday near 80. could get much needed rain here on sunday. good morning, let's dive right in. 95 heading northbound, it was
5:54 am
all quiet yesterday but that could not be true right now. we have volume on the increase as you make your way leaving lorton or woodbridge when things get congested. here is the pace south of the exit. it is not bad but it is starting to stack up. the center is the hov and they are wide open. 270 heading southbound, you are on the brakes heading down towards the truck scales, there is relief in site. you will find that lanes open up and the pace say little bit lighter, but still a little slow heading down towards the capitol beltway this morning. back to you. that's a rough morning for fans, the boise state in the season opener, tech less than two minutes left in the game, putting the broncos up 33-30. they hold on to win by that score. both teams went into the game
5:55 am
ranked in the top ten. there is of course, now talk we could see boise state in a national championship game. meanwhile, eun yang and other maryland terp fans are in a much better mood. the terps beat navy in baltimore. there it is, may havevy hnavy h to win the game and dobbs came up short and that win snaps a seven-game losing streak who had not won a game since last october. that's a tough one. >> showing off, all right. >> labor day weekend is behind us and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. now for teachers comes a welcome relief. >> $10 billion in federal funding aimed at stopping teacher layoffs, here's michelle could sin xi.
5:56 am
an army veteran who loves his job. >> it's unlimited creative. >> reporter: found himself laid off in june and just before classes started this year, we're told he could come back at a different school. he's been laid off twice now in two years. >> it's emotional. >> reporter: more than 500 teachers here were on the same roller coaster, fired and rehir rehired. >> it was a weight off my shoulders. >> reporter: an estimated 100,000 teachers may be working at all is thanks in part to a sudden $10 billion rescue from congress that schools have until next cement to spend. >> the latest federal aid gives states some breathing room. but it's hardly a magic bullet for states long term problems. >> reporter: in california alone, it's expected to save 15,000 jobs. many districts like la feel they ought to save it for shortfalls
5:57 am
next year. chicago will likely have to lay them off again in nine months. texas may refuse the money all together. broward county will take it. >> it is one more year but it's better than no more years. >> reporter: plooming next year for many, even bigger cuts, electives have been slashed which is why beth erin son won't get her job back. >> you put your heart and soul into this, into loving these kids, into doing what you know best then it's like somebody pulls a rug under you without warning. >> reporter: marcos got another chance but knows he may be laid off again. >> i'm terrified, enough to make me want to quit. >> reporter: for now he'll give his students and his passion another year. nbc news, broward county, florida. where d.c. falls on the li
5:58 am
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